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2012 London Olympic Games

We worked with a surface provider to assess the footing of the equestrian arenas used at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

After the 2011 test event at Greenwich Park it was evident that the temporary surface needed for the platform used in the main arena would need to be laid and compacted suitably for the event using alternative methods to those usually used when constructing temporary arenas, as most have a solid base. The surface was re-designed specifically for this purpose.

An added issue related to the amount of time that it took for the surface to compact. A number of synthetic surfaces could provide a solution if they could be laid several weeks in advance of the competition, but the timescale was much shorter than this. A solution was developed over the preceding months before the games and RACES tested this surface multiple times to ensure that it would be capable of providing suitable functional properties. These were compared to the warm up and main arena surfaces laid for the competition.

The rest is history…….