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Testing at Dan Skelton Racing

RACES were commissioned to assess the management effects on the synthetic gallops at Dan Skelton Racing

A strip of surface was prepared using a grader and a power harrow and tested to identify any differences in surface functional properties following a variety of preparations. Dynamic tests were maximal vertical deceleration (impact firmness) and maximal vertical load (cushioning), using the Orono Biomechanical Surface Tester (OBST). Quasi-static tests were rotational torque and surface deformation (during rotational torque) using the Glenwithy Torque Tester (GWTT). Surface composition tests were also carried out to assess the variability of the surface composition by collecting a sample at each location that the dynamic and quasi-static tests occurred and analysing it later in the lab.

This work¬†helped¬†the training centre to understand how the different maintenance techniques could alter biomechanical loading on the horses” limbs.