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RACES part of international research collaboration

RACES has been invited to be part of an international joint- research effort. The team including research groups from Europe and the USA represent the best researchers in the World.

RACES has a growing reputation for research in the UK and EU.  Our arena testing research  has culminated in being invited to be part of a large international collaborative effort (University of Maine, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Guelph University, Michigan State University and the Animal Health Trust) to establish standardized tests for arena surfaces and racetracks globally.

Our work on the White Paper, adopted by the FEI, World Horse Welfare, the Swedish Foundation for Equine Research and the British Equestrian Federation has set out the future for development of surface standards.

This has been a fantastic validation of the work we have done so far.  This team of researchers represent the World”s leading authorities on surface quality and standards.  RACES and their assessment techniques are now part of this World leading effort to improve equine welfare.

Since the publication, RACES have furthered co-authored a laypersons version of the White Paper entitled “Equestrian Surfaces – A Guide“.